Dozortsev & Sons is a family owned importer and distributor. Our goal is to provide the opportunity for personal and professional growth, receipt of equitable compensation and benefits to deliver the best service for our customers

Sales Representative
Sales representative is a specialist who is capable of selling our products to retailers and represents brands. They spend most of their time in the field attending to the needs of clients. We are looking for strong, self-motivated individuals with communication skills and the desire to learn

Account Manager
High motivation and self starter. Capable of developing and solidifying business relationships. Strong organizational skills, knowledge of our company, our history and our product offerings. Administrative ability to complete company's basic administration requirements on time, such as expense reports, weekly and monthly recaps, monthly calendar, budget management, daily e-mail responses and weekly call reporting

Brand Representative
Brand representatives take part in marketing and promotional activities such as product launch events, trade shows and tastings. Must be capable of creating a positive influence among the target audiences by answering their questions regarding the product or service. Has to put forth a positive image of the brand to ensure that the audiences find it appealing. Their primary responsibility is to learn and communicate all the details about the brand

Must deliver a wide variety of items to the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. They must be able to follow routes on a time schedule and have the ability to load, unload, prepare, inspect and operate delivery, collect invoices, and complete logs and reports